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Concerns Over Animal Welfare Emerge After Fire Breaks Out at Pet Market


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Thai media reported.


“June 12, 16:00, Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt held a press conference alongside related agencies and stated that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will tighten regulations on animal trade businesses. The fire incident will be used as a lesson, as the current licensing process for animal shops in Bangkok is too lenient. From now on, all traders must obtain licenses from both the BMA and the Department of Livestock Development before opening their businesses. These stricter measures will be implemented nationwide.


Deputy Director-General of the Department of Livestock Development, Boonyakrit Pinprasong, emphasised that animal trade businesses must secure licenses ensuring proper conditions and animal welfare. He highlighted that while the department handles registered animals, other animals like turtles and fish, may require involvement from other agencies, such as the Department of National Parks for wildlife. Buyers must also obtain necessary permits to avoid charges of illegal wildlife trade.


Governor Chadchart reiterated that BMA is responsible for licensing hazardous businesses and that shops failing to comply will not be allowed to operate.

Regarding the fire incident, BMA offers financial assistance of up to 11,400 baht per affected vendor, provided they present correct certification for their business.

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There is little evidence that there is much concern regarding animal welfare.


I see big dogs caged 23/7 in Bangkok, near us there is a Husky that is on a short chain all day and lives under a bench......in the village there are dogs with huge tumours or cysts, broken legs, broken backs, skin covered in scabs.....but I guess money is the critical element..... when you are living hand to mouth as many do in the village, would you spend money to take care of an animal?

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Should close and outlaw most/all of the animal trade. Sadly, they won't and unfit vendors will continue to exploit, incarcerate and peddle these innocents with inadequate care, medicine, nutrition and housing. :post-4641-1156693976:

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17 hours ago, nobodysfriend said:


Do not give permission for something that amounts to animal torture . Pet zone on this market needs to stay closed .

Remember Wuhan ?




not some dude eating a bat... it's 2024, not 2020

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Unaddressed Animal Remains Persist After Chatuchak 


“Six days after the devastating fire at the Chatuchak Weekend Market's pet zone, carcasses of animals remain scattered and unmanaged in their cages. The blaze, which broke out on June 11, left numerous animals, including birds, snakes, and fish, dead within their enclosures.


Today's inspection revealed a grim scene: some animals were reduced to charred remains, while others retained discernible features, clustered together in futile attempts to escape. The stench from the decaying carcasses and burnt structures permeated the area.


Meanwhile, affected vendors gathered to register for new trading spots with the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). These vendors, whose businesses were destroyed and animals perished in the fire, are seeking new spaces within the market.


The SRT reported that 54 vendors, occupying 116 stalls, were impacted. Historically, these vendors operated under annual permits with a daily rental fee of 60 baht, or 1,800 baht per month. This year’s permits were set to expire on June 30, 2024, but the fire has expedited the need for relocation.


SRT officials stated that temporary trading spaces within Chatuchak Market are now available, and vendors can commence operations without the need for new permits. However, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) maintains that specific permits for trading animals are required, a matter the SRT clarified is outside its jurisdiction.


Efforts to obtain further comments from SRT executives regarding a comprehensive management plan for the aftermath of the fire remain unanswered at this time.”





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