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Green Phangan Benefit In Koh Phangan Tonight

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Kick-Off Party for Green Phangan!

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 at 19:00

The World's End Restaurant, Chaloklum, Koh Phangan (opposite Chaloklum Pier)


Come by to learn more about the efforts of Green Phangan and meet other like-minded people interested in helping 'green' Koh Phangan...

Green Phangan is comprised of a group of motivated individuals that wish to make Koh Phangan a cleaner and more environmentally friendly island. Please join us and see how you can help!

We are predominantly westerners, we love the island and we want to help keep Koh Phangan clean. We would like to help the locals to keep the natural beauty of the island intact and are looking for ways to dispose of rubbish/garbage in the best way possible. We wish to help educate future generations on how to maintain Koh Phangan's beauty in the face of rapid growth.

Green Phangan's mission is to help Koh Phangan become a more environmentally friendly island for people to live and holiday. Our aim is to educate residents and tourists about how their choices can have an impact on a small island with limited resources.

Green Phangan will help to provide more rubbish and recycling bins on the island, making it easier for everyone to do their part in maintaining Koh Phangan's natural beauty.

Green Phangan will help educate businesses and residents in how to make simple everyday changes, from rainwater collection to reducing waste production.

Green Phangan will support and encourage the use of alternative and environmentally friendly products for everyday use, including bio-plastics and non-toxic household alternatives.


Say "No" to plastic bags. Bring a reuseable bag when shopping.

Find a bin for your rubbish and cigarette butts.

Clean rubbish off the beach and dispose of it in bins.

Don't throw anything into the Sea.

Bring your own reuseable container when buying take away food.

Contact Us:

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