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Wholesaler For Nursery Supplies In Cm?


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There are a few retailers in komtien market that will give small discounts on larger purchases, but what I would like to find is where the wholesaler is that offers better discounts on quantity purchases of plastic pots, bags etc....

Anyone know???

thanks in advance...

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About a block north of the Thai Airways office on the same side of the street is a shop selling agricultural stuff which used to sell the black bags in large quantities at discount prices. Don't recall pots there. Often the shops that sell large quantities of fertilizer, also sell the black bags in bulk, about 25 kilos in a large bag.

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Thanks bill, but which Thai airways office?? the big one inside the moat??

Yes, the big one inside the moat on the street headed south from Pratu Chaang Puak, which my map says is Prapokklao Rd. It is about a block before Thai Airways and there is a entrance to a parking lot just past it. The owner, a lady, speaks English and could probably advise you where to look if she does not have all you want.

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