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American Football Playoffs

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From TrueVisions, received today:

We have to admit to you that we could secure the license to broadcast all NFC playoff games but not for AFC games that have been secured the license by another company. Nevertheless, we have planned to live the final game between the NFC and AFC on February 2, 2009 at 6:00 am. On TrueSport 4.

TrueVisions is striving to offer the best of our service for the majority of our subscribers and hope that these answers will meet you satisfaction. We apologize if this should disturb the viewing experience and assure that this was never our intention.

On behalf of True Visions, we would like to thank you again for taking your time for these constructive comments.

Thank you for your letter. Write us again whenever we can be of further help to you. Please contact us at 02-7252525 or [email protected]

We are so grateful for your trust in our service and support us all time.

Best regards,

Mr. Wichian Chompoonog

Officer - TrueVisions Care

Support & Non-Voice Management

Tel+66(0) 2725-2525

Fax+66(0) 2725-2500

Email:[email protected]

เปิดชีวิตมุมมองใหม่ เปิด ทรูวิชั่นส์

True Visions Public Company Limited

118/1 Tipco Tower, Rama VI Road,

Samsen Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400



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Would one of you TV hands please explain to me how

AFC games that have been secured the license by another company.
True Visions could make such a statement when they are a monopoly.

Anyone have a clue as to who this "another company" could possibly be ?

Personally, I just think someone who was supposed to "secure" the rights blew it and True just doesn't want to loose face.

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Dear all,

Hi, my name is Chris, Thai, 30 years-old, graduated from the U.S. I’ve found this Forum with google search and so glad there are still some people who want to watch ALL the Playoff games because I’ve post warning messages in Thai webboard long before the playoff and got almost no response at all.

There are some details I would like to share with your guys

1. True Visions aren’t working on anything to secure all playoff games for us. Their NFC license is secured long time ago, It’s on the same package with 2 Sunday ‘s regular season games per week. On the other hand, the Sunday night games, Monday night games, and the AFC playoffs license are secured by ESPN.

Since True Visions bought English Premiere League License last year, It might piss ESPN off. Someone told me that ESPN counter their move by raising the price of premium ESPN package (that include the NFL) which True Visions decide not to pay for it. Therefore, all we got is a lousy ESPN package with no NFL games.

2. The solution is simple. True visions have to pay ESPN for the license. (Which Goal TV did pay last year). Unfortunately, in the current situation True visions think that it’s not worth the


Either we somehow let True Visions know that there are sooooo many people who want to see the NFL or prey for Goal TV to pay ESPN for the license just like last year. Otherwise, I fear that we may never again watch Sunday night games, Monday night games, and the AFC playoffs on the television in my country. :-(

For Khun Patsfangr suggestion, I learned that in Thailand there is law that prohibit any commercial for Thai’s cable TV. Therefore, True Visions can’t have any commercial other than their program advertising.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information. I just want to watch the Playoff games as much as you guys.

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I've watched every game on Astro supersport, (cable).

Is Astro Supersport in Thailand?

Yes I get cable to my home for 350 bt / mo. Its mostly Thai except BBC, Supersports (south africa)and Astro supersports, bloomberg and a few others. its great for football fans. Any idea if the BCS championship will be aired on TrueVisions? It isnt on the cable :o

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