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How Do I Get Back To Bangkok?


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To get to Koh Chang, I took a bus from Ekkamai, 250B one-way. The bus schedule seemed to indicate that there are at least six buses going back each day, starting in mid-morning, like 10:30am.

However, every single place I talk to on the island insists that the only way back is on their special charter bus leaving some time at or after noon, and it goes to KSR.

I need to get back to Ekkamai, and I need to do it by midafternoon, not some time after 5pm to a different part of the city.

How do I get a ticket on the normal Ekkamai buses????


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The regular buses leave at about 1200, 1400 & 1600 from the mainland piers. 250 baht / ticket. These all go to Ekkamai. But if you have to get back to Bangkok by mid afternoon then unless you are up at the crack of dawn and head into Trat town to get a public bus I don't think you'll make it.

You could get a minibus for 750 baht that would pick you up from your hotel on KC around 9.00-9.30 and drop you off at Ekkamai in the mid afternoon.

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Thanks; I guess I must've come on a private bus, even though I got it at the Ekkamai station same as I've done for (what I assume is) the government-run bus to Pattaya. It was one of those double-height luxury coaches for 250B, and it dropped everyone at the ferry dock.

The sign at the dock indicated three morning runs as well as the 12noon, 2pm, 4pm buses. I'll go early and hope for the best.

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