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Red Leafed Banana Plant

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I've bought from them and been very happy with not only the purchases but the service. They tend to do larger sales and not a few plants here and there but since they have a fabulous selection of plants its not hard to rack up the charges :o

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Just in from HP.

"Good morning and thank you for your inquiry ! Yes, we still have a couple of these Musa – Siam Ruby however is a very different plant with green leaves.

This one is “Thai Red” . I can sell a plant to you for 500 – 1000 baht, depending on the size.

Right now my assistant is not here as she went to Sri Saket. So you would have to wait for few days until she is back.

The small nursery is near Rama 9 Road ( the larger one is in Chiang Mai ) You can go there yourself next week or we can also deliver to your place.

We also have some soil there which you can use for your containers."

500-1000bt .. Phew!

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Update: Vendor delivered the above after sundown.

At daybreak I discovered they were not SRs but Abasynnian(sp) Reds. :)

Anyone want one?

Have finally tracked down some SRs in Ratchaburi province but cannot collect

until the 8/8.

Not cheap......Fingers crossed :D

BTW, my Thai friend tells me that there is a "Banana Expo" at JJ Market

from 8/8 to 16/8.

There should be some exotic Musas on sale as well as the Musa Siam Ruby.



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At last, my Siam Rubies arrived tonight....... 4 healthy specimens.

Will post some pix if I can find the <deleted> cable for downloading from the camera. :D

Hi Gunga

Have you tried looking behind the Sofa? :)


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