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Used Bookstores In Pattaya


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hi all, i'm heading to pattaya for a few days in february and would like to have a look around any used english bookstores. i haven't been to pattaya for several years so don't know if the ones i used to know are still there(the one by the dolphin roundabout and the one on the second floor of tops on the road that goes to carfour) or if any better ones have opened since. would be extremely helpful letting me know of any and their location. thanks in advance

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There is a second hand bookstall on Soi Diana at the Second Road end, on the right if making approach from 2nd Road.

The second hand bookstore 'Pattaya Beach Books' is located on the 2nd floor of TOPS supermarket on Pattaya Klang. They have another store on Soi Buakhaw towards the market end.

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Swan bookshop guy apparently died a few months ago, Diana bookshop has closed now, apparently couldn't pay his rent as too high in soi Diana, Beach bookshop has a good choice but Canterbury Tales Bookshop has vastly grown since I was there last year

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Pattaya Beach Books second hand bookstore is on Soi Buckhaew about 3 minutes walk from the market end.

Be careful though, it shuts for one day mid-week.

Yes I have found that this shop offers max 40 baht for a new book in exchange and Canterbury Tales Bookshop has gone as far as 100 baht for brand new books, normally at least 60 baht is the norm but in the past I have bought books at boot fairs in UK for 20p and got 50/60baht credit on them in Canterbury Tales.

I was in there recently and found they had just about every Vince Flynn book, my fav at the mo and a signed copy of Private Dancer by Stephen Leather, he is a regular in there apparently.

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