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Bike With Chiang Mai Registration Now In Bangkok


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I have a motorcycle with the green book in my name registered in Chiang Mai. Expires in March if that matters. I'm shipping it to Bangkok where I want to renew the registration. Do I just take the docments to the Transportation Office in Bangkok or is it more invlolved? Everything is legal and correct.


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Do you want to get a book that's from Bangkok or simply pay the road tax? If you simply want to renew your registration and pay the road tax then go to any Land Transportation that supports motorcycles and pay the 100 baht tax. Doesn't matter where the book is from. To request a book from Bangkok, you will need proper paperwork for that purpose that will then be sent to Chiang Mai for approval and permission. Then when the paperwork is returned to Bangkok, they will process a new book and a new license plate. This is most handy when you're ready to sell the bike as to sell a bike with registration in a province away from where you're living requires a trip back to the province of registration.

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