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Giant Vases Or Pots


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The brightly coloured blue / green ones I think originate in Vietnam. I remember asking once.

Most of the Thai products seem to be more earthenware or duller colours.

The outdoor shop on Mahidol (outer side) just west of Chiang Mai Land sometimes has some nice ones and prices good.

They have some fairly bright coloured ones (green/brown), I think Thai made with frogs embossed on the top, make nice water features. The also have some nice Khmer style wall pieces.

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In the Sankampaeng area near Borsarng, there is with colorful pottery. It is on Sankampaeng, just past the Borsarng turn if you are going East. They have some large pieces. Also, on the road to Ban Tawai, just before the turn to Ban Tawai, there are a few large pottery places there, but I don't remember them being particularly colorful. Also, in Ban Tawai on the road towards the upstairs restaurant, there is a store with lots of pots. The lady there told me that she has a factory in Chiang Rai.

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