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Visa In 'old' And Full Passport - Travelling

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Hi Guys,

can anyone confirm travelling with 2 passports to Thailand is possible ?

Here the szenario:

My Non Immigrant 'O' Visa is in my old, FULL passport. The Passport was exchanged with the German embassy in Bangkok. Is it possible to travel ( yes it was a Multi entry VISA ) using the VISA in the 'old' passport and using the 'new' Passport for the arrival stamp ?

Any experiance is welcome.

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Yes, voicestream, that’s how it is done because the visa cannot be transferred from the old passport to the new one but remains valid for travel to Thailand until its expiration date.



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Just visit immigration to have your current entry stamp transfered to the new passport.

As already stated the visa in the old passport can be used until it expires.

Just show both passports on arrival in LOS.

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You're lucky. The Americans cancel Passport 1 when they hand you passport 2.
I would guess all countries cancel the old passport when you get a new one.

But it does not matter even though the passport is canceled the visa is still valid.

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