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Evaluate My Photo's


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First I took this photo of her in a restaurant with available light which I am quite happy with.


Then I tested out another one using flash with umbrella (shoot through) with a reflector bouncing up the light, I realize I should have put a hairlight as well, but I am quite happy with it else.


Please comment any ideas for further improvement.

Cheers Bard

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Hi "Bard",

I am not a favourite of Portrait Photography, hence rarely post on this subject, but since you asked for comments and with the absence of a member or two, may I comment.

The first photo look to me like a natural Thai Girl without a care in the world, enjoying and being smug, unkempt hair and with a "here's looking at you :D " look. I like that.

The background a shade to bright, colours are off a bit, but nice capture.

The second photo, not natural enough for me, but the photo does have that extra bit of colour and style about it, with the background gone. :o

Both are good in their own way.

Yours truly,

Kan Win :D

Edited by Kan Win
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Used a Canon 450D with an EFS 17-55 f/2.8 in the first capture and an EF 85 f/1.8 lens in the second, second I also used a Nikon SB26 flash shooting through an white umbrella with radio trigger and black collapsable background. She was not really in the mood in the second one, and I believe I should have used hairlight as well, first one I just took in a restaurant where she was in the mood with a crappy background.

Thanks Kan Win that made a lot of sense, appreciate the input which is something I need to improve.

Cheers Bard

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