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I am an esl teacher with 2 years post-CELTA experience and Bachelors degree from the UK. Currently I work at a Thai highschool and do various other work (Corporates, Privates etc) but am looking for a 'next step'.

I gather I'm not qualified for the International schools but if someone can correct me there, all's good.

Any advice / suggestions appreciated.

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You might also look at some Bilingual Schools or schools with EP Programs. They're not everyone's cup of tea, but if you don't mind having fewer hours but a lot more paperwork, it could be a step up. Not all EP/Bilingual Schools are created equal, but most pay better than standard Teffling.

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It's not too late to do the PGCE offered by Sunderland Uni.

You could apply and then possibly go to an interview at an International school saying that you are doing the PGCE. I am also an ESL teacher and got a job at an International school without the PGCE but decided soon after getting the job to do it in order to secure my future at the school.

Just a thought and I know it is very expensive. (4200 pounds).

Now I have 2 diplomas , a CELTA , honours degree and PGCE all from England. (The PGCE being online from Sunderland).

Kind Regards


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