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Need Some Info Regarding A 90 Day Work Visa

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Hi everyone,

I recently returned from my first trip in Thailand and during my stay there, was offered a job.

I intend to return to Thailand in March to work for 3 months, then return back to the UK for 3 months and then go back to Thailand in September for at least one year.

I've tried to research the best solution but am unsure of what I can/should do.

The company I will work for apparently has recently qualified to a certain status where they can issue/fast track long term work Visas, but they think that I should only apply for one of these in September as my return to the UK for 3 months may cause a few problems. Therefore, the advice I was given was to attain a temporary Visa for the first 3 months and then apply for the long term one in September.

I understand that I can get a 30 day Visa on entry to the country, and therefore it would be a relatively simple case of doing 2 Visa runs during my 3 month stay to get the 90 days I require. However, I earlier read that since 2006 the laws have changed and I can only get a total of 90 days (i.e. 3x 30 days) during any 6 month period. Therefore, given that I have just returned from a 20 day trip, my concern is that on my 2 Visa run (i.e. to get the last 30 days), I would exceed the 90 day total and not be allowed back into the country.

Is this correct?

Regardless, is there a better solution? I.E. is it possible for me to qualify for a 90 day single entry working Visa and therefore mean I won't have to worry about doing any Visa runs during my first 3 month period?

Looking forward to your constructive answers and I thank you in advance for all your advice :o

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From the UK it is easy to get a non-B visa, which allows you to work if you have a work permit. Working without a WP is illegal! You would just need a letter from the company to get the non-B.

Just before you return in September, do the same thing. Once in Thailand your permisison to stay can be extended to 1 year anualy, provided you have the WP.

As to the 90 day rule, it doesn't exist anymore. You now get an unlimited number of entries. But 30 days at an airport and only 15 days at a land border.

Apply at the conulate in hull: http://www.thaiconsul.co.uk

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You would need a non-immigrant visa before you could even think about applying for a work permit. Forget about visa-on-arrival method. Get an introduction letter from the Thai company you plan to work for and at Thai UK embassy/consulate you can get a non-imm (Business) visa valid for 90 days on entry to Thailand. A multi entry visa would be even better. I find it astonishing that "The company I will work for apparently has recently qualified to a certain status where they can issue/fast track long term work Visas" cannot advise you on these matters.

PS and there no such thing as a Work Visa. Given that you have a suitable entry visa to Thailand, then your target company can apply for a Work Permit on your behalf, subject to your company meeting a whole range of requirements & paperwork. Typically it take 4 - 6 weeks for a WP to be approved by the Labour Department, subject to all going well.

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