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House Owned Through Limited Company

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Looking for advice here from professionals or people who have been in a similar situation. I bought my house 3 years ago through the Thai Ltd. Co. route and I have agreed a price for the sale of the property with a couple from Denmark. They have told the agent that they would prefer to buy under the 30 year lease method due to taxation on overseas property in Denmark, what are my options?

My company retains the Chanote and leases to them?

They buy my company and this means they don't have to inform tax authorities?

Could I sell the company to A Thai property company that subsequently leases the property to them?

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If they want to do a lease then have your company lease it to them.

Money upfront of course, normal in Thailand.

Or they can buy the company and you avoid a capital gain tax.

Or they can do a lifetime usufruct with your company, again cash on the nail.

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Keeping the company in existence for only a lease does not sound great.

Lease it from your company, and then sell it to a Thai for a pittance or better give it to someone who deserves it . Total amount will be the same. The people have their lease, the Thai has some property for his/her children and you can get rid of your company.

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Why not Jean? Keeping the company in existance just for a lease sounds okay to me.

You can pass the shares in the firm on to your descendants who will no doubt be very thankful once the lease expires in 30 years time, when they can either take possession or enjoy another big pay day at then value market values.

As to the other solutions I have no idea about Danish taxes on overseas investments so can't say if owning the firm will be an issue for them or not.

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for one thing, yearly documents that need to be made. Notes, profit/loss, taxes, vat etc.

Those documents cost money as i think the person who controls the company is not capable to do that in Thai.

It will be a yearly cost, and for what purpose?

I can agree to keep the company when someone can inherit it, AND if the company is a real company without nominees, doing real business.

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