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Nissan Navara Diesel


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Just bought a Nissan Navara Diesel. I think it is a happy car and we like each other.

Fly in the soup: after some discussion and contradictions between dealer and Nissan Bangkok:

Navara Diesel can only use B5 of PTT. Any use of other brand or type of diesel will result in losing warranty.

I bought this car to make a big trip Malaysia, Thailand, Laos.

One: does the chorus here think this threat is a commercial thing?

Two: anyone knows about PTT/B5 in Laos / Malaysia?

Lesson: you want to buy a diesel, ask confirmation from HQ of the car manufacturer about the fuel you can use.

Since I have this car I found already PTT pumps were all B5 is used by the ants (mot lew)


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Hi :o

I have a new Isuzu D-Max and was told the same - if B5, then only PTT or the warranty will be void. They stated the reason as "PTT is using Ethanol while all others use Methanol and the engine computer can not correctly work with that".

Also the manual states NOT to mix ANYTHING with the Diesel.....

Best regards....


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I have one and put anything in it, i also have a power up chip on it and as its 2 wheel drive 144 bhp, the power has gone to 175, its a good truck,

Not to go off topic to much, how much is the power up chip and will it damage the car?

It actually cant damage the truck as the ecu is still in control, if you pm me ill give you more info, :o
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I belive Nissan uses the same engine but with different power outputs, the "chip", I suppose, just sets the ECU to produce as much power as the higher spec version.
thats pretty well spot on, the 2 wheel drive is restricted ( not sure why ) to 144bhp,.. its only a management upgrade to get the 4x4s 174bhp,.
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the power chip is anywhere from 18-35k. i sell them, i have many brands and performance, fuel consumption benefit.

we also had one nivara make around 260hp 2.5L with turbo etc change. not bad at all from a high boosted 2.5...

are any of you gents intrested? we sell piggybacks, ecus (nearly all brands) we sell suspensions, brakes kits, turbos upgrades kits etc.

Regards: Philip M.

086-086-3221..... anyone intrested or wanting more information or understanding can give me a call.

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