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Air-fare Ticket & Accommodation


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Hello again,

I am starting to organize my trip to Thailand. You might have made of my last posts on this forum that I am looking to doing some teaching job while there.

Although, for this once, I'm seeking information on something else:

1) I am about to book an air-fare ticket. Forgive me this, trivial for someone, question. Is there any chance to book only one-way ticket? I might hold either "non-immigration B visa" or "double-entry tourist visa". If not, what about open ticket? How does work out?

2) Last time when I lived in Bangkok, I stayed in a 'hostel' on Kao San Road. This time I am after something more comfortable and more suitable for my potential needs of lessons preparations. Therefore, small rental appartment, studio, condo, etc. all will do. It could be share accommodation if this element exists in Thailand. How should I find it - websites or right on the spot once I am there?

Where should I start, anyway? How much can i expect to pay (share / short term own unit...)

My target areas are Sukhumvit district, area around the Victory Monument or around Kao San Road (its pretty rough to stay right therein) or actually anywhere else.

Thanks a lot for any contribution

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For your visa I suggest you contact the Thai consulate in Hull. You can get a multiple entry non immigrant O visa from them. You will not get a B visa unless you have an invitation from a company here.

You can get a one way ticket but if you don't have a visa they will not let you on the flight.

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