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Well using Speedtest of Thaivisa.com


I'm getting some really crappy numbers. i.e. 183 down 159 up. Latency 723

Background. I am paying for 2 Mb down 512 up.

So I called up TRUE highspeed & the lady there told me to use this website


Where I get these numbers 1752 428

So it looks like CAT is the culprit. Bastiges.

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use a different speed test link..try several. If you use their recommended site, it is almost a direct link to their servers and you'll get great speeds.|

Don't forget, the speeds you pay for are only stating the maximum speeds you can expect to get. They are not stipulating the minimum speeds you can expect.

Call True again and ask what speed they can guarantee as an absolute minimum. I bet they don;t give you one. If they do, please post back.

In the UK, you should be told not only the expected maximum speed but a guaranteed minimum ( if you ask I guess )

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Thaivisa.com is hosted in Singapore and The other SpeedTest link is in Bangkok that is the reason for different Download and Upload numbers. Its common sense that as distance increase the efficiency of the network decrease. Try choosing a US server to test ur ADSL speed and the results will be worse.

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True seems to be playing with their packet shaping/Qos ( I am using the term loosely :o )

I have noticed the last 2-3 days that if I run a torrent client I get choked down to nearly nothing even if the client is throttled for minimal down/up.

when I stop the client all together my speed comes back

- though the speed itself has not been very good for the last 2-3 days anyway.

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maybe I was a bit quick to blame true


300 millisecond ping is atrocious though and I am supposed to be on 1024/512

there is some discussion online elsewhere about a misconfigured router in CZ causing routing problems with cisco IOS machines that have not been updated - but that issue is only talking about the last 12-24 hours.

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