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Second Hand Motorbikes

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is there anywhere on samui that sells second hand motorbikes? havent got the cash for a new one and the the honda dealer wants a guarantee off of someone born in samui to get credit!

is there any shops on samui that sell 2nd hand bikes? I'm looking for a honda wave for around 10k.

I think there is a shop in Nathon.Driving through the middle road,on your right hand side just before you get to the intersection that leads back to the waterfront.Otherwise try some of the repair shops,they have second hand ones.

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I got mine through the baht and sold web site. There were a few on there when I bought mine a couple of years ago. I would say 10k would be a stretch. More like 16k++. I got mine when it was 6 months old for 21k, which was considered a really good deal.

Tesco noticeboard worth checking too.

It's the honda dealership in Nathon that sells 2nd hand bikes...Lipa Noi end of Nathon opposite temple.

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