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Pepsi Green


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I was at 7-11 and happened to pick up a bottle of it this morning. I was hoping it was something like mountain dew, or maybe lime. Nope. It has a slight mint taste. It was like drinking a bottle of carbonated Scope mouthwash.

My girlfriend saw me retch and then look sick after drinking some. She laughed. She gets free Pepsi at work, and said she threw out 20 bottles of the Green last week. Come to think of it, "Green" was a good name, because that's the color you turn after drinking it. :o

To the OP, love your nic and avatar. I lived in the aloha state for 15 years and still consider it my homestate rather than Cali, where I was born.

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Like any other Pepsi product - Shi&e!!!

Pepsi obviously cashing in on the popularity of Naam Keeow - so sure to see Pepsi Red soon. Standard business practice - see someone selling something, then set up the same or similar next door....

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I unwisely bought a can of this soap water with some colouring. One sip and it went down the drain.

Must be some rich Thai's son who came up with it and Mr. Pooyai paid decent cash to have it bottled. I kid, I kid... I think.

WHAT where they thinking at Pepsi? Oooh, this <censored> tastes like <censored>, so .. LET'S SELL IT FOR MONEY!

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you b'stards.....after reading this I decided to go buy a can to try it.

Reminded me of a day a long time ago when some friends and I found out that there is alcohol in mouthwash and thought we can get drunk.

At least with that episode, we smelled minty fresh.

Pepsi green is vile, carbonated mouthwash and worse you dont even smell minty fresh afterwards. So no redeeming value at all.

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This thread is a subtle marketing ploy by Pepsi.

How many of us have actually gone out and bought some on the strength of what is said here, I did "it can't taste that bad, can it?"

Yes it can! To my aging taste buds it just tastes like weak cola, maybe they are playing with our minds making it look like Listerine. Either way I don't particularly like the stuff, so I won't be buying any more.

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