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Pigs Blood. Good Pet Food?

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this morning, the wife sent me to the market to buy 20 baht worth of pig's blood, the floating "cakes" that they chop up and add to soups.

i was very surprised on how much i got for 20 baht.

i've eaten it plenty times, to me it's like tofu, just a filler with no taste.

i was wondering, first....how they make this stuff and second...would it be a good additive to dog food?

to any who reply, thanks a lot.


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I use a small amount from time to time, it's high protien but can be too rich for my dogs, if they eat too much runny stool (poo) or diarrhea can result. They get small lumps as a treat/reward.

The blood cakes do not freeze well, the water freezes out of the 'blood cells' (?), when defrosted you are left with dry brown sponge like material. Mashed up the dogs eat but I doubt they consder it lovely.


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we make it from pig or cow' s blood: its just congealed blood that is stirred and stirred so the clots (yes blood clots) break up and then the whole thing becomes sort of one big clot. therefore, it is quite rich, but also rich in things u might not want or need to eat.... high in iron and all the other stuff found in blood, but also any stuff the animal has been injected with, it s pretty much like eating liver. we keep it for a day or so in the fridge ad thats that.

too rich for our dogs, we eat it ourselvs when we have the chance to get it.



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"...also any stuff the animal has been injected with"

Hmmm? Never thought of that. I have on occasion eaten a piece or two, or had taken some home for my pets. No longer. Thanks for the heads up. :o

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