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Further to Owain's comment, I would not use an internet cafe computer to do any secure transactions. However, if you have a laptop and have some essential software installed, you could use an internet cafe's connection to do your secure transactions.

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If you know approx what the payment will be, you should be able to make a scheduled payment, or pre-payment at the bank before you go. If you're not sure, you can still make a payment of some kind, even if it means you'll have a "positive" balance on your c/c account.

I've been trying to think about where there may be a secure place that you could do internet transactions from while on holidays. Scratching my head and thinking is just making the shiny spot bigger, but not giving me any answers. :o

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How secure are cyber cafes in Thailand.

I gotta pay my credit card bill next time Im in Thailand. Is it safe to go on Internet banking etc ??

I think telephone banking is the best way to deal with large transactions when abroad,

if your bank doesn't have that facility maybe you're with the wrong bank.

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