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Kawa D-tracker Dealer Koh Samui/surat Thani?


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I'm interested in buying the new Kawa D-Tracker but can't find any dealer ships for Koh Samui/Surat Thani. Does anyone know any addresses and/or phone numbers? Should prices be the same everywhere in Thailand or could they differ (i.e. Samui more expensive because it's off the mainland)? :o

Thanks for any help.

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Here are the two dealerships in southern Thailand, one in Surat and one in Phuket Town.


Sorry its in Thai.

Prices are standard all over Thailand from the main Kawasaki dealerships. (Well, I haven't heard of any variation)

Phuket tried to charge 150k for the ninja when everywhere else was 139.. Claimed ninja / d-tracker and KLX all same at 150... Might have just been an 'opening bid' but shows hes not sticking to the official prices.

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