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True Cable In Bkk


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Does True have cable internet in Bangkok, Sukhumvit Soi 11 area or only ADSL?

I am thinking Cable would be good and then have a back up ADSL (possible other company) on a phone line as a back up.

I am also confused by True Wi-Fi. I am wondering if it is like a weak very local (internet café` or hotel) kind of signal you just pick up with your laptop or is it city wide coverage that you have a special modem to pick up the signal and then plug your laptop into that. I am wondering if in Bangkok True Wi-Fi would be a good back up. I need access to the net 24/7.

We have True Vision UBC TV connected via CABLE, I Am not in Thailand right now and it's hard to get an answer from them.

This is a old True link form 3 years ago suggesting they have a decent coverage.


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I read somewhere, possibly this forum, that they had cable internet in Pattaya. I can't remember reading that for BKK. Apaprtently we now have True Visions via a cable. I guess I will just have to wait till I get to Thailand soon.

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