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Hot Spots On Dogs


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Hi all, just joined Thai Visa and wished to say hello.

One of the dogs has developed small round patches of red skin on her neck. I thought she had been burned somehow as they appeared in the space of me being out at work and then coming home and they are angry and the fur is gone. I did a bit of digging and found the probable cause could be the rising heat.

I wondered if anyone has any experience of this with their dogs and what they did to remedy it.

I will take her to the Vet in the morning and see about getting some relief for her.

Also I have some young dogs which I need to find good homes for in the Chiang Mai area and any contacts would be appreciated.

They are all de-sexed and well behaved.


For anyone who does not know what Hot Spots are or is looking for further info, this link below seems pretty good for starters.



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I had a long haired dog that got terrible hotspots. I ended up cutting her hair off in the hot season and bathing her with Nizoral regularly and that eased the hot spots.

Best to make sure your dog doesn't have mange tho.

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Thanks SBK, I took her to the vet this morning and he dosed her up with anti B's and gave me some salve to put on her.

My garden is so dusty at the moment that I can't bath her right now. I am having some work done and the place is like the Sahara.

So the bathing will haveto wait for another few days until the new turf comes, then I can get to work. *Smile

Thanks for the heads up about mange, I rescued a dog from the street who was all but bald, scabbed and rotten from it. He had been poisoned the vet said and had to be destroyed.

Was a lovely animal, gentle but beaten down.

Wish I could have saved him.

Anyhoo, thanks for the advice and reply.

Best wishes.

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