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Can any Vets out there tell me where I can get Tri Care in Thailand. What Hospitals offer it

I do not think you will find any in Thailand, but if you can pay up front and then forward the paperwork to Tricare they are fairly prompt about payment less co'pay they will even send the monies in Thai baht via Citi Bank which makes it very easy to deposit with only a 5 day waiting period to clear. Hope this helps....................(oops) All the forms needed to forward are available for download on their web-site.

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I am a VFW Post 9876 member. The Post is located in Pattaya and the Post Surgeon has a list of hospitals in Thailand that will accept Tricare patients.

Please visit the Post website to see this list and other info. Contact JJ with any questions I'm sure he will assist you

VFW Pattaya

Click on Surgeon's Corner and the Tricare list is the first one at the top

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