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The Healthy Thread

femi fan

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Chiang Mai is a great town for those that wish to look after their health.

Trouble is sometimes, folk just don't know where places are. When the odd thread (eg vegetarian restaurants) comes along, perhaps it's too specific, and it soon drops off the radar. Would the chiang mai forums cope better with an all encompassing thread whose aim is to help people find shops, restaurants, health places, alternative health offerings all in one place, ie here?

Right now, i'm looking for places where i can buy various different herbal supplements, primarily to boost the immune system, but also herbs simply for cooking with. I know lots of herbs are grown in the hills around here under the king's royal project, but have been unable to find any buying places on the internet.

Do posters know anywhere?

And would health-conscious posters like to help make this thread grow and become a decent resource for finding all the places our bodies want us to find without dropping off to page four within days?! If so, come up with any hints, tips, favourite places and so on.

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Been going here for years.

Ah! I went there once on a recommendation when i was having back problems. It didn't work that well as it happens.

But do they actually supply herbs for general sale, or is it all consultation-based?

And, what has she managed to help you with if i may ask?

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