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Tourist Visa For Germany.

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A friend of mine has just finished he lastest three week holiday here in Thailand. He is now at the point of investigating getting a tourist visa for his Thai girlfriend to visit him in Germany for three months during the summer. His spoken English can be a bit rough and his written English is not up to using this web site, when we have been talking late into the evenings converstations start in English, touch on German and Spanish and end is Half-Thai with another sip of Leo & Singha respectively.

I understand the basic requirements for the Schengen visa from the German Embassy Website. (Funds, relationship, need to return to Thailand.) I would be interested if anyone has any particular points of importance that I could pass on to my friend and his girlfriend. (She has land but no job or continuing education after university that I suggested would be helpful in this situation to proof need to return to Thailande.)

As posting links to other forums is naughty - if there are German language websites that people consider might be helpful please PM me rather than reply openly to this thread as any forum links might be removed. (I'm doing some Google.de searches myself but if anyone has a favorite...?)

Vielen danke für andere ideen.

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