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Try Soi Dao but you will need to BYOB and BYOB. (Bring your own bottle) (Bring your own bird)

The course is somewhat isolated but it is a real challenge. They have nice rooms and the food is good, although it is not available late in the evening. We always took lots of snacks and liquid refreshments for an evening party. A good time was had by all.

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Khao Yai courses expensive?

When I was last over that way (~5 years ago) it was between 300~600 Baht for the courses around Pak Chong.

Soi Dao is good but try Royal Hills in Nakhon Nayok, it's nearer to Bangkok and they do a weekend deal including accomodation.

Or you can stay in NN town and play the course.

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I'm looking to travel not far out of bangkok few hours drive where we can play a little golf and have a look around the city.

I thought about Khao Yai because it looks interesting but the golf there looks very expensive so I'd rather not

Any recommendations?


Uniland is a lovely course...unilandgolf promotion...well worth a visit...stay and play good value... google it

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