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Non-imm B Penang

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What documents do you need to get a non-Imm B in penang for a teaching job?

Will they give you one if you have already had a year non-imm B (with extension) that has expired. Switching jobs and need a new non-imm b. Is it easier to get in Laos? what documents are required for Laos?


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Having an extension before will not affect you getting a new B visa. Your new employer shousld know what documents are needed to get the visa.

For reports on getting a visa in Vientiane see this topic that has 3 reports of getting a B visa there.


You can probalby get one in Penang also but I have not found any recent reports for getting a single entry visa. Most people use agents there to help with getting a visa.

Here is a link to a guest house that is an agent that has given good results for others. You can contact them to get the latest info for there. http://www.banananewguesthouse.com/ http://laotourism.org/how%20to%20get.htm

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