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Westerner's Decapitated Head Found Hanging Beneath Rama Viii Bridge


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This was proven by the FBI and the FBI equivalent of Italy to have been a suicide.

Same same the incident with David Carradine involved no one other than himself.

I cannot mention anything else about these cases.

What a dishonest post.

The FBI were not ultimately involved and nothing has been proved.

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Again, this all I can say about these cases. My source is confidential.

So, let me get this straight. We should believe this because some guy on the internet whose source is confidential said that it was proven to be a suicide? Case closed.

Sorry, I'm going to need more than that before I am convinced, and I imagine most others here will too. Note that I am not claiming it wasn't a suicide. I just don't have much confidence in your statement, given that none of us know who you are, and you are unwilling to provide your sources. As far as I'm concerned, you have not added any useful information to the subject.

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