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Hardwood Floor Nailer

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***please move to the do-it-yourself building forum***

We are about to install some hardwood tongue&groove floors into our home, but I am having trouble locating a place to purchase a floor nailer. Does anyone have any idea where to locate such a common western tool here in Thailand? (It can be either the staple or nail variety nailer.)

Here is, hopefully, a picture of what I am talking about.


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I have four of these guns in different sizes, concrete, wood and staples.

I find a lot of them too powerful and they will either drive the nail right in through the wood or leave it sticking out. An adjustable one would be nice.

Nail guns are on sale at every building shop. Small ones around 1200 baht big ones maybe 3000 baht.

Home Mart and Home Pro shops also have them , you will of course need to buy a compressor as well around 3500 baht, the small ones operate the guns well enough.

I suppose you will screw battens down first then nail the tongue and groove on to it in which case the small 1000 baht guns will from my own experience with floors be about right. The big guns will drive the nail clear through the floor and half way through the batten.

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