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Usa Tourist Visa For Thai Spouse Living In Australia

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I am Australian, my Thai fiancée has just been granted her Spouse migration visa :D (subclass 309 which is provisional for 2 years), as my de-facto. She will be back with me in Sydney in a few weeks.

We want to take a holiday together to the USA later in the year (Probably in October).

Notably she was previously granted 3 tourist visas to Australia and never overstayed etc… (3-mo single entry, 12-mo multiple entry, & a third 3-mo single entry which was to bridge the spousal visa application waiting time (only used 2-mo of it). Not sure if the USA gives a hoot or not but it shows she always returned to Thailand when she was granted Aussie tourist visas.

We plan to marry but it probably won't be until December. Whether we marry or not it is irrelevant to Australian immigration but i read something about that the USA does not recognise de-facto status, but then again I don’t know if it matters in this case as we are not applying to migrate to the USA and the Australian 309 visa is for a "spouse" (same visa if married or de-facto). I think what counts is that she has residency in an OECD country-?

QUESTION: Given that she has residency in Australia and can work here etc…, is it pretty easy for her to get a USA tourist visa (we would apply at the Sydney consulate)?

We have >A$30,000 in the bank, although the accounts with substantial money in them are all in my name. She may or may not have a job by the time we apply – but I doubt this would matter-?

Any advice is appreciated. :o:D

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