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Indian Tourist Visa For Uk Passport Holder


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I am planning a trip to India in mid October, and so have researched into the visa requirements. I'd be really grateful if anyone with previous experience could check that I've got everything correct. As I live outside of BKK, I'd hate to hit any hurdles when I make the trip down.

I understand I need to submit my application at this address, not the Indian embassy;

VFS (Thailand) Glas Haus Building, 15th Floor Sukhumvit 25 Road, BAngkok

On the day of application I will need a completed form, two passport photos, a copy of my work permit (although not sure this is required as I've been resident in Thailand for under 3 years), and the relevant visa fee plus non Thai national processing charge. No where does it mention I need copies of my passport photo page or Thai visa, can anyone advise on whether these will be necessary?

On the day I apply I simply turn up at the office between 9 and 12, and take a ticket, hand in these documents when it's my turn and then leave. Is it necessary to get there early because of long queues etc or can I get there by 9/10 and be seen easily?

Then five working days later (so the same day the following week) I have to return to counter two at 12 noon and hand in my passport and then pick it back up at 3pm that same day? Has anyone had problems with this process not being possible the following week if the application was accpeted on the first visit?

Also any information on people who have submitted applications on behalf of someone else, or does the application have to be made in person? I'm hoping to apply for a visa for myself and my friend, without her being present.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help this process be a smooth one

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I had to get a visa from the Indian Embassy a few years ago. You are correct in that you have to attend one day, do all the paperwork and collect it a week later. The visa takes up a whole page in your passport. I recommend going early as the queues are long and slowmoving.

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Well you are in luck I applied for an Indian visa only last week and do have the time to reply to your questions....well I will at least tell you the way it worked for me.I live between Thailand and the UK so the waiting time for me is 5 days on a 1 year non O Imm visa.If you live in Thailand on a work permit then I think you may get a quicker turn around than this but don't quote me on it..please check it out.

I went to the Glas Haus building on Sukhumvit Soi 25(it fronts Sukhumvit at the end of the Soi a short walk from Asok skytrain and metro stations. Walk in ,they check your documents,take a ticket,I waited maybe 40 mins from about 3.15 pm. You need to get there by 3.30 pm to submit your application..once in your application will be dealt with however long it takes.

What I needed/submitted.The application form. Passport,old passport(not absolutely necessary but can be used as supporting document if like me you had an old Indian visa within),two recent visa/passport photo's, two copies of the data page of your current passport,in my case an extra form for foreigners who are not permantly resident in Thailand.You can pay the fees in cash at the counter. My visa was ready in 5 days..this had to be collected after 4.30 pm...again you get a ticket...I walked through the door and my number was called for myself and Thai wife and daughter who's visa's I had applied for a few days later.(only two day turn around for Thai's).

The only other major thing to be aware of now is that all applications have to be done online..print off the forms and take with you.This started from the 16th September and I got caught out on that very day with my wife and daughters applications...had to rush off and spend about an hour plus in an internet cafe after turning up with hand written applications!

Good luck..personally speaking (apart from the last minute online stress) things seem to be working rather well at the Glas House.

We all now have our 6 month Indian Visa's.

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Did a 12 month business visa there 2 years ago and was somewhat impressed. Only Thai people working there and very efficient. Had a photo shop and copy machine available for a small fee. Before I went to the counter they had one staff walking around and helped people so they had all papers in order. Rating 4.7/5

Went to India for off shore work 2 or 3 times and to get out of the country was a different experience. Rating 1.2/5

The Indian embassy in BKK was just as good as it could be. Hope they haven't messed it up with the on-line applications.

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Please please please go to their website. I went to arrange a visa and was told I now have to apply on line (as Of October 15th), I said I had checked the website a week ago and there was no mention of it, they said it had been there for a month- They lied.

So I went into the main office and was told they changed the policy on the instructions of the embassy 2 days ago.

You need to apply on line, print out the form and then do exactly as you say. The form (they admit) does not work properly (it begars beleif), it will only take numerical postcodes(and 6 numbers no more no less) so a UK postcode is rejected, I called and was told to make up any number and then correct it by hand.

It seems pontless having an online system, but not being able to submit it on line, but what can you do?

Do check the website

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Thanks for all of the informative responses. After a nightmare with the online system crashing over and over, I will finally be submitting my application tomorrow, a week later than planned, but still with enough time to get to India in 9 days.

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