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Restaurant In Jomtiem


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Hello Forum members in Patts.

Currently I am in Oz with my lady and baby and we are returning in April to get married Thai Traditional.

After the Ceremony, we are planning to have a dinner out for the wedding guests.

I am after a restaurant (preferably Jomtiem) where we can have a buffet style dinner for around 30 people.

Does anyone have suggestions. Given the majority of the guests will be Thai, I guess Thai would be preferred but not ruling out Seafood of sorts.

Any recommendation would be appreciated.



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Here's an option:

The Admiral's Pub & Restaurant

380/2 Moo 12 Jomtien Beach Road,

Jomtien Soi 8

Tel. (66 38) 231 996 Fax. (66 38) 231 997

Thursdays : Asian Delights Buffet

(Price: 320 Baht/Person)

Looking for a place where you can find good Asian food, then the Admiral's is just the place for you. During our Asian Delight evening, we offer you a number of delicious Asian dishes including Thai food such as the spicy papaya salad (Som-tam), Thai chili sauces with boiled vegetables, green curry soup; Chinese food such as sweet & sour, stir-fried vegetables; and Japanese food such as sashimi, sushi.

Wednesdays & Saturdays : BBQ Buffet

(Price: 420 Baht/Person)

After a long day of work, you can take a real nice break by enjoying our colorful BBQ buffet table. Here you can find all sorts of meat & seafood including fish, prawn, mussels, squid, three kinds of satay (chicken, beef & pork), sausages and mixed grills. We also offer you three kinds of sauces: peanut sauce, steak sauce & Thai style sauce. Enjoy our salad buffet including also potato salad, baked potatoes and several sorts of bread.

Good luck, krap!

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Contact the Rabbit Resort. They specialize in wedding events.


Admiral's Pub is a very charming building and setting but I think you'd need to book out the place, 30 might be close to their seating limit.

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Don't know if this will work or not, but that place near the south end of Beach road with the big blue crab is a great seafood restaurant. Prices are very reasonable and if you are doing this Monday-Thursday, it shouldn't be busy. I would just order a bunch of dishes (along with a few towers of beer!) and let them share Thai style. It's right next to the sea and has beautiful sunset views. It's call Pu Pin (?).

I did this same thing in Bangkok for about 30 people at an outdoor restaurant which was on the river with great views of the Taksin bridge. We had a great time and it was really not that much money.

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It's call Pu Pin (?).

Phu Pen but only seafood which may not suit all your guests but the poster is correct, excellent food! You could also try The Posiedon Restaurant in the Jomtien complex, owned by Casa Pascal group or the Mata Hari on Thapraya Road but of course a lot depends on your budget. Plenty of choices in Jomtien.

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