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Macbook Repairs


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Your gonna have to go to Phuket, and be prepared to get stung.

Phuket Alpha are the apple shop in Phuket Town.

My advice is to do a search online and try following all the advice first, like booting from cd drives and safe startup etc. You may well sort it out before having to pay Apple loads of cash.

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I agree with Natty Matt that you may be able to figure out what's wrong yourself. I've used Macs since 1984 and I'm still learning.

Alternatively, lots of provincials send their Macs to BKK to be repaired. Unlimit Mac is an independent Mac service shop and Toto is totally reasonable at pricing.

Try here: http://unlimitmac.co...&id=1&Itemid=58.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. Since I was quite sure the problem was beyond by capabilities (and I'm fairly computer savvy), I sent it off to Phuket Alpha. The top cover needed to be replaced which of course required ordering parts, so I'm glad I sent it in. The service was very good and the cost reasonable, so I was satisfied. My only complaint was it took a little longer than expected for it to come back after the repairs were done and payment was wired, but it was less than a week I think so its hard to complain really. Also, if I had picked it up I could have paid with a credit card, but I was doing everything by mail from Krabi and they can't take cc payments other than in person. A change in that policy would be nice.

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