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Bangkok Bank Deposits Offshore

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Folks, your assistance please.

At very short notice have had to fly out to Sydney, Australia.

I have a Bangkok Bank account and want to deposit money at their branch in Sydney for wifey to use whilst I am away.

Is it best to deposit Aussie dollars and get it converted to Thai Baht here, or Aussie dollars and get it converted to Aussie dollars in Thailand. Is this even an option?

How does the passbook work if I deposit AUD but passbook shows existing Thai Baht balance?

Any other tips/ideas?

Wifey cannot use internet at all, Western Union costs a fortune (could feed her for a few weeks on their fee alone), so is reliant on the Befirst card linked to the passbook.

Any and all help much appreciated otherwise she will panic and off to the pawn shop with the gold, with much tears.


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Bangkok Bank doesn't have a a branch in Sydney. If you have a bank account with a local bank in Sydney, you could do an overseas remittance from, say, an Australian bank in Sydney to your wife's Bangkok Bank account in Thailand. I would recommend you remit the funds in A$ as Bangkok Bank will have a more favourable exchange rate for AUD/THB than a bank in Sydney. A bank in Sydney would likely charge you a fee of around $30 for the remittance.

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