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3B Broadband Cancelled My Internet.


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I have an ADSL connection since mid 2008 with a reasonable service. In 2008 I made the contract with TT&T as we had already their telephone lines coming to our house. Some time back the TT&T split off their internet services to 3B Broadband

Last week, Friday afternoon 17:00 hrs, suddenly the internet connection was lost but not telephone connection. :annoyed:

Well ultimately Saturday morning I found out the reason.

TT&T apparently are fighting with 3B Broadband and are not willing to transfer the internet signals over their lines anymore???

No warning before, just cut off !

But .........3B Broadband offered to make new lines and in two (2) months most likely I would be able to use their internet again .

Any body has same problem with 3B Broadband ?

Note: as you can see TOT was a lot quicker with making a new line and get me connected again.

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The problem arose after TT&T refused to allow Triple T Broadband to fix switching nodes that had gone out of service. TT&T claimed that it owned the broadband equipment assets so Triple T had no right to get involved.

So it seems the problem is not between TOT and TT&T as previously posted, but between TT&T and Triple-T broadband...

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