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Where Can I Get One Of These: Iphone Alarm Clock By Ihome


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I've not seen iHome products for sale in BKK, but there are other similar products for sale at Apple shops. I have seen iHome for sale in Singapore, however, including at airport duty-free shops. One thing to keep in mind is that the radio frequency intervals are different between countries. For example, if you bought a clock radio in Thailand, the FM frequency spacing is not the same as in the USA, so you would not be able to use it for listening to FM radio stations there. Some of these units apparently have switches to set the frequency intervals, but I know for sure the iHome iP9 does not. I bought one of these during a trip over to the USA, and it's not very usable for receiving FM stations here in Thailand, as only about the frequencies are the same. Not as if I was really interested in listening to radio in Bangkok, though......

Another consideration is that these products are quite expensive in Thailand.

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