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Take The El Bulli Dish Generator Test!

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I had a blast with this one! I stopped at the 100th choice set because it was getting tedious, but it is fun for awhile. I got 73 percent correct which I think is pretty good. However, you should get better as it goes along.

The idea is to pick the REAL El Bulli dish out of three choices, one is real, the other two are generated by a program designed to generate fake El Bulli dishes.

Be a sport, post your results. Say your percentage correct and how many you answered. I suggest at least 50.

Sample choice set, pick one --

One of the dishes below has been served at El Bulli. The other two were randomly generated an instant ago. Try to guess the real one.

sea urchin with foie gras, soda and marrow

red mullet and eucalyptus ribbons

apple and basil jelly with fromage frais sorbet

Here's a Thai angle; imagine the typical Thai waiter trying to EXPLAIN any one of those dishes!

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