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Decling Job Offer, After Signing Contract

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I recently accepted a job offer and signed the contract, but now after thinking about it I might have jumped the gun too quickly with my decision and think that it would not be the right fit for me.

I have not yet started and this is totally new to me as I have never backed out after signing a contract before, does any one know if anything will happen if I decide that I don't want the job anymore?

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Nothing will happen....just tell them you have changed your mind and walk away, people only get sued for breach of a contract when there is enough money involved to warrant a claim.

If the company had paid for your re-location expenses to Thailand/WP, you arrived in Thailand and then pulled the plug....then yes could be a basis for a breach of contract claim, but the company has to decide whether its financially worthwhile chasing this money

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Thanks for the replies, after reading my contract again it does not say anything about not deciding to take the offer after signing...I have not yet started and no money has been exchanged yet either, so I should be okay...

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