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Where Can I Buy An Old Fashioned Meat Mincer?

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My missus is driving me mad (and wearing herself out), using a chopping board and knife to convert pounds of raw beef and pork etc into tiny pieces for meatballs and spag bol, etc.

Is there anywhere in the Hua Hin area where I can buy one of those old fashioned meat mincing machines - the clunky hand-cranked metal kind that clamps on to a table and has a rotating spindle which grinds up chunks of meat and pushes it through a plate with holes in it?

Alternatively, do any local stores sell electric mincers?

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yeh saw a big one once in a mom and pop hardware soup to nuts store.900 baht...so they are around.

That said..will she use it?. My wife and rellies drive me nuts with the mortar and pessle and the chopping.

.Have an all singing all dancing food processor ...but nah..she even pounds the bloody pepper corns for the shaker unless I grab first and put in the coffee grinder..

I guess some gourmet cooks would argue that it ain't the same if you use a machine....

mai pen rai... :rolleyes:

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As "David" said will she use it?

Mother in Law has a restaurant and I thought she could get dishes prepared quicker with a mincer rather than spending all that the time chopping mince for each order. B)

Never used the mincer :blink:

Seems it does not taste the same :huh:

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I have seen three sizes of the hand mincers here in Ban Chang at the local mom and pop supply shop. They are all very poorly made and not rust proof in any way. Cost about 400 to 800 but I would not buy one as I am sure they would rust after just a few uses. Even the cutter blade is crap.

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