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Faces of Thailand


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Fantastic shots Klauskunkel ^ thumbsup.gif

MJP,Sunshine and Rob thank you very much for your kind words and support,

it is very much appreciated and also to everyone else that has/is helping me on my path to become a better photographer wai.gif

Lifestyles of the rich and shameless.


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Just discovered this forum. Didn't know it existed before... nice change from arguing with people about the latest political developments in Thailand. Anyway, let's see if I get this image posting thing right.

First, the 'missus':


Our dog is Thai and has a face:


This is a little girl that the neighbours are taking care. Mom ran off and dad has a full-time job. My gf's family also pitches in, but while she's surrounded by caring people, there's always this touch of sadness in her eyes. I hope she can grow out of it...


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^^^^ Shaggy...damn fine pic. Outta likes BTW...

+1 (except I still have likes to throw around!) This was just the sort of photo I wanted to create when I started this thread. Spot on, mate! thumbsup.gif

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