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Faces of Thailand


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^^ Great shots, sunshine. You've been busy lately (or have you been hoarding pics until now?)

Nah...not hoarding. Got an assignment to do the Southern border towns again

due to the coup, curfew etc. Kinda dead in all the towns as they depend mainly

on Malaysian tourista's to survive so when there's a burp-belch in LOS due

to bombs, coups & curfews the Mal's don't come and the townsfolk loose biz.

Mind you it is a great time to visit! Then again...in Hatyai the Met's temp is

listed at 37C whereas on the streets it's much higher...and much more sticky;

typical for this tme of year. Then it may bucket down rain like it did last

Thursday...high winds, flash floods et al. I'm now in Satun...wish it would rain

like Thursday in Danok....anyhow...this posting frenzy is just dumbed down

B-Roll...glad y'all appreciate em. BTW...if ya get a chance...head South for

a while...it's really OK...seriously.

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Would just be steppin' out of the comfort zone a bit mate , work is colliding with my life at the moment , I can't wait to go shooting the next time in LOS , got a new weapon and I don't know how to use it .

Keep your head low , All the best .


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Goomps...thanx for the heads down! A wise old soldier once told

me that a great warrior is one who becomes one with his weapon.

Learn that piece of gear matey... and learn it well. And yes...

it really is a safe place down here! Seriously.

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Wish I had the time and the resource sunshine , I would love to experience the South , I am happy in the knowledge you can show the feeling to us all in your images mate !

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Was with the Mrs and her sister in the SIL's car when they stopped to see someone, got out with the camera for a look around and this little boy with the old lady waved out.

Looks like Downs syndrome, the old people seem to get left with many of these kids.

Took the camera and showed him the photo on the screen and his eyes went big, never seen a photo of himself before.

Must print it and take it for him.


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Robby,that last photo is beautiful and moving.I hope that you do get the chance to print a copy for the little chap.

Again folks,have been offline for sometime and unfortunately am likeless (or so they tell me sad.png )

Eyes that can tell a tale or two.


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