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Faces of Thailand


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My daughter doing one of those women things..


Great shot Fred. The whites in her eyes are the essence and pull you right into the shot. However, the inclusion of the window at the rear pulls the viewer outwards. Maybe eliminating this via vignette or cloning would benefit the image? Just my 2 cents but a very good image.

P.s. hope you don't mind my thoughts.

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Hey Sunshine,

DAL must have really lit a fire under your butt. This is the most I have seen out of you in ages ! ! !

I hope DAL continues to challenge you because I am enjoying your photos!


Yeah...I admit I have been rather lazy in postings on the pix threads, however...

after rummaging through a few storage drives....that's all soon to change.

Watch the spaces but don't hold yer breath though....after returning from KL

and the MH370 job (still ongoing) I simply have had better things to do...

such as play with the missus, fool around with our dogs & ride my mountain

bike through the jungle & mangroves....BTW...we now have 5 dogs. The

recent addition to our pack is a black lab (see pic on the Cats & Dogs thread),

we have agreed to name him Mooch and he likes the name. He even likes peanut

butter on toast! w00t.gif

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An evening in the "Troubled Provinces".

Same table, 40 minutes apart, life goes on.



Beer on the table..... ? This is why my Muslim friends here call them selves "Muslim Light" ..... 555

There's even a bottle of rocket fuel on the table in the top pic SJ...

disguised as Siam Sato...you know the stuff right? One bottle is ok,

2 bottles and some accelleration sets in...3 bottles and it's Lift Off!

I agree 100% with your Muslim friends description...been that way

for centuries before the provocateurs from further South began

stirring up the faeces. thumbsup.gif

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Taken on Railay East beach. I've been wanting to post this, but in Trees? nah... Creep Crawlies? Nah.... so here it is. I took it because of the wee monkey's face, and it was in Thailand, so I'm posting it in Faces of Thailand. Sue me! tongue.png


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