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Travel/Health/Medical Insurance. Which one?


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Hi all,

Approaching 60 years of age and need to think about a new travel/health policy as my current one will not cover me once I reach 60 (World Nomads). As a Brit they cease cover at 60. Different countries have different age cutoff points. No idea why. Most of Europe is 66 I think.

I have family in the UK, I have a UK address and a UK business that does an annual tax return to HMRC. I am registered with a UK doctor so if I am physically able to get on a plane I can go back and let the NHS sort me out (I will get treatment. Please, no tales of non existent NHS cover if out of the UK for more than whatever)

Basically, I need cover for catastrophic events. Heart attack, stroke, being knocked down by a bus, making a Thai lady angry (!) etc.

Should I just keep with an ordinary travel insurance policy I wonder? or should I change to a proper medical policy?

After looking around online I am still unsure what to do for the best.

I am pretty fit. Non drinker or smoker and exercise everyday but at my age I suppose a sudden heart attack etc is always on the cards so I am wondering, with a normal travel insurance policy they will not cover anyone for an existing condition, so if I did have a heart attack/stroke or whatever presumably the policy then rules that out for any future claims but what about a proper medical insurance policy? i.e If I sign up now and say, at 62, I get a heart attack, will they also say “we will cover you for this one but then you are on your own as far as heart stuff is concerned” If so, a normal travel insurance policy is an awful lot cheaper.

Any thoughts anyone?


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