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Where to buy broken ankle boot and knee crutch


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teerac had a spill on her Yamaha Mio today and has broken her ankle

looks like it will need surgery at Suandock Hospital where she is spending the night

need to get an ankle boot and knee crutch to keep the weight off the damaged ankle

does anybody know where i can purchase these items?

or does anybody have such items and wish to part with them




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Try here, he's a specialist foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon, but has many things in his clinic.

Last time I was there I saw one of the boots, but have no idea regarding the knee crutch.

Worth a call/visit

Dr. Tanewat Vaseenon Foot & Ankle Surgery (Orthopedic Trauma)
110 Intavaroros Rd, Sriphum Muang (Clinic)
Chiang Mai 50200
1730-2000 Mon-Thu 0900-1200 Saturday
Tel: 053 945 544
Mob: 080 8505087

Most people after ankle surgery keep the weight off simply by lifting the foot whilst on crutches.

Have never seen a Thai using a knee crutch, probably an unnecessary extravagance.

Those ankle boots keep the joint very stable and with all that weight you might find that it's uncomfortable on a knee crutch. I can understand if the ankle is just bandaged or maybe in plaster, but otherwise both seem like overkill.

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The hospital will probably be able to supply the ankle boot. Like others, I've not seen a knee crutch here. You may want to investigate getting a walker or "Zimmer frame" also. Those can be easier and safer to use, especially around the house than crutches.

She should insist on a little session with the physiotherapy dept to learn how to use this equipment. They have a tendency here to just hand it to you and send it on your way and there's a real art to learn how to get in and out of bed, cars and on/off the toilet if you're not suppose to put any weight on one leg.

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