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2-3 day car rental


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I want to rent a small car for mid next week for 3 days, any suggestions where I can get at a reasonable price?

All I get is 1000 - 1300 daily which is stupid, (in my opinion, for example Heathrow ids £11.00 last week when I was there,

{I know a different country but there we are?})

Thanks for help.

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Last time I looked there's a place in Jomtien on Thapparaya Road that was advertising car rental at (I think) 550 Baht a day. They may have stopped that offer now as it's high season, I don;t go past there very often so I can't check. Might be worth a look though. It's about 100-200 m after the Thepprasit junction as you head into Jomtien coming from Pattaya, on the left. I think they rent motorbikes and have an internet cafe too, a farang guy seems to run the place.

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I think you might find that "Heathrow £11 a day" had a lot of strings attached.

Nope!! I regularly rent from "Firefly" which is part of the hertz group, I usually manage to get a car for about £13.00 - £14.00 a day from them, but last week I got a Ford Fiesta for £11.83 daily for 2 days. (200 miles a day limit)

(Of course you cannot get direct from Hertz, but I shop around and that's what you can end up with, plus a price matching guarantee)

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Hertz Thailand, small cars, usually Honda Jazz, excellent condition, 940 Baht (£18.27) a day incl. first class insurance (7000 Baht excess) and VAT. Unlimited mileage. I think that's good value.

Unfortunately, all booked up in Pattaya for the next 3 weeks. Avis bit more expensive, worse insurance.

It depends on your mileage requirements.

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