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No Arrival Card

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I may have asked this before but I have forgotten and would like some first hand experience or good ol UdonJo to step in. I am heading to immigration for my first 90 day extension on my ED for my 4th year next week (by the way I was told by my school there is no testing YET in Hua Hin at the immigration, but probably will be within a few months), and I have no arrival slip in my passport, I lost it. What is the absolute worst thing that can happen, I assume a fine and how much? Thanks.

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The worst is being told to get a police report for the lost card. No fine.

Do you have a copy of your card?

Copy of my arrival card? Nope, I have an older card for some reason (not in my passport). What is the most likely thing to happen do you think Joe?

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Either they give you new card or tell you to go to a police station and make police report for the lost card before they will give you a new one.

It is not a big deal to them. People loose them all the time.

Ok cheers thanks for clearing that up

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