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sometimes there are changes in circumstances that might warrant an extension, ever thought of that?

Often.... and can happen to anyone, as you know, but some research before leaving would be the planning part of the piss, poor

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I think the recent rise in overstay posts is down to the potential blacklist legislation should they ever put it through which isn't looking like happening at the moment.

I'd also go along with the "mind your own business" replies as there are some folks who have had all manner of problems only to find themselves in the mire,who probably need and deserve a little friendly, non judgemental advice also I know of several blokes who have a few quid so paying the 20K fine once a year or so beat having to deal with the ever changing red tape,

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Was going to start a '89 day overstay - problem?' thread to troll a bit, but some senior members might have a heart attack.

Almost as much as the digital nomads might when the Ed visas dry up eh?

Good job there's no regulation against staying here long-term on tourist visas.

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