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36 hour chronic Bone Pain


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7 days back I had 36 hours of really chronic bone pain. It started in my hips and then later it felt like someone had take the skeleton out of my body , beaten the crap out of it, and then put it back. It was the sort of thing you get with really bad flu but without the coughing and spitting. I had a really bad night , next day just stayed in bed and by the following morning it was gone , I was wiped out by the lack of sleep but other than that fine and after 24 hours back to normal. After a bit of research that convinced me i had either lyme disease bone cancer I forgot about it and moved on.

2 days ago my girlfriend got exactly the same thing. She left work early was in agony on the train and for 24 hours after slept for 12 hours and then today right as rain (shes younger than i am). No cough or snot, a bit of a temperature.

Anyone had this recently or know what this was ? Is it a new kind of flu ?

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Best guess is a viral illness..something like dengue or Chikungya. These produce bad aches and pains all over (as opposed to things like bursisits/tendonitis, which will be localized. ALso the fact that both yu are your gf were affected suggests an infectious origin).

While these usually go along with fevers in mild cases they may not, or the fever may be so mild and brief as to go unnoticed.

I had exacty the same thing myself as did my niece about 2 years back.

Wouldn't worry about it since you are both well now.

(And, does not sound in the least like toxic shock syndrome)

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